Frozen Chocolate BBQ Cake Adventure

I started my day in a massive rush as I left the house at 12.30 and struggled to find any parking in Hurstville. So frustrating seriously. So many people in the goddamn shopping centre. I ended up having to get my car washed so I could dump the car and catch a train to the city. I bought a coconut water whilst waiting for the train because the trains were delayed. Just my luck am I right? However, coconut water never tastes like what I imagine it to taste like…. always tastes funny and not like the legit coconuts.



Anyways, I was half an hour late meeting Brendan. We wanted to go to Pablo and Rusty in the city but it was closed………. we ended up eating at the Local Bar or whatever that was next to it. It was alright……….. meh.

I did a bit of shopping. I bought a new pair of Havaianas – black thin straps with a silver logo. I also bought Gen’s Christmas present; a Kimbra vinyl. We awkwardly bumped into her at JB…and I stared at Brendan unsure as to whether I should give it to her. I ended up giving it to her because I don’t know when I’ll see her again :(.

Kimbra Vinyl..I realised that I forgot to peel off the price tag... sorry Gen :(

Kimbra Vinyl..I realised that I forgot to peel off the price tag… sorry Gen :(

Afterwards, we (without Gen) grabbed some afternoon tea with little cakes and what not inside a cafe opposite Chanoma. They were so cute and yummy. Only $16 for two people so not bad. Anything that’s less than 10pp is a bargain to me.

Left to Right - Blueberry Cupcake; Raspberry & Salted Caramel Macaron, Macaroon, Cupcake; Teacup; Plum Crumble Tart, Lemon Tart, Apple Muffin

Left to Right – Blueberry Cupcake; Raspberry & Salted Caramel Macaron, Macaroon, Cupcake; Teacup; Plum Crumble Tart, Lemon Tart, Apple Muffin

I also went to watch Frozen with Maggie and my sister. Seriously, I missed cartoon movies with singing. Animated musicals are the best things ever! Every 5 minutes there was a song. Ah-mazingggggggg. It’s definitely a must-see Disney movie if you’re into singing and adventures. It’s also pretty funny as well. Olaf and Sven – hilarious. Warning!! There are sad scenes which make you cry. My sister was bawling…………

After the movie, we went to eat Korean BBQ at 678 above Mr B’s opposite World Square. Sam came to join us! :) I THINK it’s a restaurant opened by Kang Ho Dong but I’m not sure. You have to go up some dodgy elevator but the place is really nice. The service is really good. Although, I think we looked a bit nooby which is why they helped us cook the meat…. Regardless, it was really good.  I recommend the marinated boneless beef ribs and pork belly. So tasty… The side dishes include egg soup!!! I love egg soup!

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After dinner… we went to eat dessert of course…



2013-12-27 20.33.23

Sambam <3

Sambam <3

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

2013-12-27 20.50.31

Waffles with Seasonal Fruit and Vanilla Ice Cream

Waffles with Seasonal Fruit and Vanilla Ice Cream

So yeah…. I pretty much spent the day doing nothing but eating and shopping……………. it IS holidays so I deserve it right?


Boxing Day in the Shire

Sigh, today I wanted to go for a drive down the Grand Pacific Drive going south towards Wollongong. I was diligent enough to check the weather last night and decided that the shitty thunderstorm weather forecasted by Google can’t possibly be wrong so I’d go watch the Hobbit instead with Laura down in Cronulla. When I woke up this morning, the sky was a bit overcasty, with big massive rain clouds hovering around. However, as the day went by, the sky cleared. It got bluer and the clouds went away. I don’t think it rained till about 8pm. So angry. Everytime I want to go out and do something fun, it decides to rain but when I decide to do nothing and stay inside, the sun comes out. It’s like the weather hates me.

Anyways, I watched the Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug today with Laura in Cronulla. I watched The Hobbit from the Shire in the Shire. Ha. Ha. Hilarious. Anyways, it was amazing. Of course, not as good as the time I watched the first part of The Hobbit in Korea in 4D. That was pretty mindblowing. When you entered the Elven City or whatever it’s called (I’m not thaaaaaaaaaat big of a fan so I don’t know the lingo and names of all the different places but I like the movies… yes, I haven’t read the books………), it sprayed perfume at you and when someone fell down some cliff or there was a fight scene with the Orcs, your chair would move and punch your back and what-not. It was so cool.  Although, I admit that I forgot what previously happened in the first movie so I was kind of confused when today’s movie started since I didn’t know what the journey was about and why they were all there….I’m the type of person to watch a movie and immediately forget what happens so when I tell someone “OMG WATCH (Insert Movie Name)!! IT’S SOOOO GOOD” and they ask me what the movie is about. My mind goes blank and I can’t remember why it was so good, what happened in the movie and what particular scene/character blew me away but I just know I enjoyed the movie (and the hot actors/actresses) and they will to.  Definitely worth the $13.50 concession price. Possibly worth the extra $1 too if you like 3D movies. However, please don’t ask me what happened. 1) I’ll spoil it. 2) I’ll overhype it. 3) I don’t remember.

Side note: Orlando Bloom is a babe. What is wrong with Miranda Kerr? Why did she give that up? Why? I will never understand.

Next year, when the final part of the movie comes out, I bet that I will forget what happened in the previous movies. Probably will sit there in the first half an hour trying to remember what happened. This is what happens when there are trilogies and movies being split into two or three parts instead of one. Maybe I’ll read the book before I watch it. Although, fat chance. I’m not good with books that have fancy folklore writing and spelling. Too hard to keep track of all the names and so forth.

Also, on Boxing Day I’d like to pay respect to the people who were brave enough to wake up early to line up in front of shops in the city to fight for their lives over discounted clothes and bags and whatever.