The Grounds of Alexandria – Alexandria

For Wednesday lunch, Shirley and I went to the Grounds of Alexandria for lunch. Being Shirley, she couldn’t get out of bed so we ended up getting there at like almost 1 (as opposed to the original time of 12). It was a bit hard to find parking and the spaces were really tight. However, I’m a professional so I was able to find a spot and squeeze in. When we walked into the Garden, we saw Kevin Bacon and a bunch of chickens. Pretty cool. Cute little benches and tables etc. We had to wait for a table because it was packed. Which makes sense, it WAS lunch time. We had to wait about 20 minutes but Shirley and I explored Salts Meats Cheese. It had heaps of cool stuff but I couldn’t afford anything so I just took photos of ingredients that I may decide to use in the future for my culinary adventures. Finally, we were able to go in. We got a shared table which wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t squished next to strangers…. unlike my many experiences in HK.

Food was delicious! I ordered a Spring Chicken Salad and a coffee whilst Shirley got a Chicken Pot Pie with an Iced Coffee. The coffee was great, real smooth! Because I’m a loser and I drink soy milk, it’s important that the coffee isn’t bubbly. Soy tends to froth differently from normal milk. Anyways, loved it!

Also got a lemonade at the lemonade and strawberry stand outside the cafe… yummy and refreshing. I didn’t get the rose one cause I don’t like flowers in my food.

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Hipster Water

Hipster Water

Spring Chicken Salad

Spring Chicken Salad

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie

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