Il Goloso – Haberfield

Sad Friday night when my parents gave me $40 to go out for dinner with my sister because they didn’t want to come home to talk to me. I was planning to just be “healthy” and eat salad as I begin my long hard journey to Dietville. However, Linda texted me if I wanted dinner and next minute, I’m in Haberfield eating pizza. Haberfield actually has the cutest italian restaurant. This is the second time I’ve been there.

After thorough research (jokes, just opened urbanspoon) I saw that the Post Pizzeria Restaurant has a 85% rating because Linda is a snob and only eats at restaurants rated 85% or higher. This JUST made the cut.

When we walked in, and Linda says ‘OMG! This place looks fancy’. Indeed it did.

We ordered two pizzas (Ai Salumi and some potato pizza) and pasta with prawns, avocado, mushrooms in pink sauce. We also ordered dessert with Nutella Calzone and Ricotta Cake. For me, the highlight was the pasta. The fettucine was made perfectly! I could’ve finished the plate by itself and not had any pizza. Woodfire pizza was also really good. Definitely better than Dominos or Pizza Hut even though it’s like three times the price. Not a fan of the Nutella Calzone. It was a bit like a pide with nutella in it. Could’ve went for another piece of ricotta cake though.

Service was good too. Everyone was actually Italian, no asians serving me. Friendly waiters came by talk to us There was also a man playing a saxophone or clarinet…(I forget) and he came over to play the macarena. It was pretty awkward but it was pretty funny.

2013-09-06 22.05.20

Linda & Gen

Linda & Gen

2013-09-06 19.23.36

Fisheye Candid Linda. So Sexy...

Fisheye Candid Linda. So Sexy…

2013-09-06 19.27.12 2013-09-06 19.26.37

Potato pizzzaaa

Potato pizzzaaa

Potato Pizzaaa

Potato Pizzaaa

2013-09-06 19.32.55 2013-09-06 19.33.11 2013-09-06 19.33.19

Nutella Calzone

Nutella Calzone

2013-09-06 20.19.34 2013-09-06 20.20.03 2013-09-06 20.30.44

Il Goloso on Urbanspoon


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