Contemplating life every time assessments come around

2013-08-18 11.30.18

What if we were born with everything? We were given everything we wanted. Money, house, job. We’ll be living life backwards.

Let’s say the lifespan was 50 years. So when you’re “born” (not sure how this will work to be honest but let’s not focus on the little things ok?), you will be 50. You would already have the job that you want, a house ready for you. You’re born with the ability to drive and born with all the knowledge you need. Knowledge that a normal 50 year old would have – history, maths, English, an extra language just for kicks. Within the first month, you learn everything about your job and how to use everything. What I’m getting to is: you will have everything already.

Now as time goes by, you get younger and younger and you slowly lose everything. You have children when you’re about 30 and your house is a lot smaller than when you were 50. When you’re 21, you live in a shitty apartment eating instant noodles. The life of a University kid. You’re working part-time, driving a shitty car, wasting time doing nothing.

As you get younger and younger, you become poorer and poorer. You also get dumber and dumber. But what’s so bad about that?

Right now, what am I working towards? Making lots and lots of money (hahahaha… i hope…) even though I won’t get to spend it when I’m dead. Maybe I’ll get a nice funeral and coffin but that’s it. In the scenario above, I’m losing everything so that I can appreciate what I had. I also get to enjoy life for 40 years because as I get younger, I have more opportunities to travel and explore the world by using the money I made when I was older. My children would also already be self-sufficient so I won’t have to raise them.

I don’t know. This is what I think about when I’m procrastinating……


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