All the problems with Shitty-Rail

Buying concession tickets 

This morning and many other mornings, I’m in a rush to catch the train. However, I can’t even freaking just buy a ticket. I have to line up at the window to buy a ticket. The line was also ridiculously long because it was the day after Labor Day. Ridiculous.  WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY. I missed my train and had to wait for the next one. Who is going to pay me?

The people at the window are also really rude. No one smiles, no one acts nice. I think they need to improve their level of service if I have to waste my time and line up.

Not to mention that on another day, I had to purchase a ticket at the window. There was a massive line and how many windows were open? One. How many people were working? Three.

Price Hikes

When I bought my ticket today, I realised that the price of my fortnightly went up by $1. Excuse me, why did no one tell me? Is this price hike to support the cost of purchasing the new ugly uniforms or to pay the window ticket people more for checking concession cards? So. Angry. I didn’t want the new uniform or the window people.

What if I only brought $33 with me today? Then I wouldn’t be able to catch the train.

Ugly new colours

Grey and orange. Disgusting. Worst colours. Everyone standing at the ticket gates look like Mormons trying to get me to join them. Everyone who works at shittyrail now just looks super duper miserable. No one everyone is so goddamn rude.

Biggest timetable change in this generation

As if that matters. Not like the trains are ever on time anyways.

However, if it means less trains on my line, I will lose it. Absolutely lose it.



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